Stand up pouches for coffee and food packaging​

stand up pouches

Food and beverage manufacturers around the world are increasingly adopting pouches as a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to package everything from coffee and rice to liquids and cosmetics.

Innovation in packaging is critical for manufacturers of all kinds to remain competitive in today’s market. In this post, you will learn about the benefits of stand up pouches and how they can be used in an innovative way.

What are stand up pouches?

The stand up pouch is well known within the packaging industry. You see them every day in many shops as they are used to package almost everything that can fit into a bag. They are not new to the market, but they are growing in popularity as many industries are looking at eco friendly alternatives for packaging.

Stand up pouches are also called SUP or doypacks. It is constructed with a bottom gusset that makes the bag capable of standing upright on its own. This makes it ideal for shops and supermarkets as the products can be easily displayed on the shelves.

They come in a wide variety of materials and they can have a one way degassing valve and a resealable zipper as optional extras, depending on the product to be stored within them. We have customers using stand up pouches in the coffee industry, food, sweets, cosmetics and pet food industry. As you can see there is a wide range of products that can be packaged in stand up pouches.

Why Use a Stand Up Pouch?

If you are looking for a bag, the options are mostly side gussets, box bottom bags or stand up pouches. The stand up pouches can easily stand up on a shelf which makes them better in some situations than the side gusset bags. When compared to the box bottom bags, the stand up pouches are a cheaper and more eco friendly option. On average it takes less energy and there are less CO2 emissions in creating a stand up pouch instead of a box bottom bag.

The stand up pouches are resealable, can be made of compostable materials or recyclable materials. If needed they can also have a high barrier material to better protect your product.

They are the top packaging choice across various industries including food and beverages, lawn and garden, pet food and treats, personal care, bath and cosmetics, chemicals, industrial products, and automotive products.  

When looking at all the benefits of SUP’s it is clear why they are liked across industries. According to a new Freedonia Group analysis, it is expected that through 2024 the demand for SUP’s will increase by 6% annually. The reports predicts that the popularity of SUP’s will be across the various industries and will continue to overtake more rigid packaging options and even other types of flexible packaging.   

Great visibility

SUP’s offers a great degree of visibility on store shelves, due to having a wide billboard like space on the front and bag of the bag. This makes the bag great for displaying quality and detailed graphics. Moreover, the labeling on the bag is easier to read compared to other bags.  

A growing packaging trend in 2022 is the use of transparent cutouts in the form of windows. The windows allow the consumer to view the bags content ahead of purchase. Being able to see the product helps the customer build trust to the product and communicates quality.  

SUP’s are great bags for adding windows as the wide surface allows for adding a window all while keeping design and information qualities. 

Another feature that can be done on the SUP is rounding of the corners during pouch forming. This can be done for aesthetic reasons to achieve a softer look.  

Waste reduction

As a business it is more important than ever to be aware of environmental factors and what steps can be taken to be more environmentally friendly.  

SUP’s are a preferable option for the environmentally conscientious business. The construction of the bags makes it easy to be made in recyclable and compostable packaging materials.  

SUP’s further stand out environmentally as they offer waste reduction in contrast to other packaging options such as cans and bottles. A study by Fres-co found that when comparing a SUP to a can there was an 85% reduction of waste.  

SUP’s in general requires less material to produce compared to other packaging options, which leads to reduced waste and manufacturing cost as well as lowering the carbon footprint.  

Compared to rigid packaging SUP’s weigh considerably less, which reduces transportation and distribution cost.  These are also factors that are worth considering when choosing packaging options that fit your needs and vision as a business.  

Additional features

The construction of the SUP allows for a standard zipper and a rip zip to be added. The rip zip is a new innovative and convenient way to open and reseal a bag.  

Unlike a standard zipper that is at the top of the bag, a rip zip is located more on the side. It is used by pulling the small tab in the corner seal and thus opening the bag. The rip zip is reclosed by pressing the zip together. It opens and closes easier than any other traditional reclose method.  

Adding a standard zipper or rip zip allows the product to stay fresh longer and allows the consumer to reseal the bag.  

SUP’s are further great for adding hang holes that allow the bag to be hung up on a vertical display in the retail setting.  

One way valves can also be added to preserve products such as coffee beans as well as a tear notch making it easier to open the bag.  


The Stand Up Pouch is great for businesses who needs a unique, self-standing package with a wide front surface for a logo or label, superior product protection, and the ability to reseal the package after opening.  

It can be used for packaging a wide range of products including whole beans and ground coffee, tea, nuts, bath salts, granola, and a very wide range of other dry or liquid food and non-food products.  

At The Bag Broker our SUP’s offers a positive mix of design cues and quality to provide you with a professional self-standing packaging solution.  

Made with a bottom gusset, which gives its self-standing strength, ideal for shops and general display needs.  

Couple this with the optional zipper and one-way degassing valve it also offers the end user great features to ensure your products stay fresh and hassle free.  

At The Bag Broker our SUP’s are made with the best possible barrier materials, offering superior shelf-life for your products.  

The bag can be made from all the material types available to us, including as recyclable bags and nonmetal bags as well as a True Bio Bag, which are compostable bags.  

If required, we can also fit this version with a custom-cut window, to offer both the natural look and an easy view of the product. 

We, at The Bag Broker, want to design your coffee packaging to stand out. We can help you to grow your coffee brand with our custom packaging and help you every step of the way to create an identity. Our wide range of printing styles and coffee bag choices can elevate your brand and help you to showcase your products in exactly the right style for your business.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or use our online form to get a free quotation for your packaging.