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The Box Bottom bag is a sturdy bag with five panels that allows for ample marketing space. It is a combination of excellent features and unique benefits. This really is one of the best bags for storage and packaging solutions on the market. This is especially a popular coffee packaging choice.  

Keep on reading to find out why the Box Bottom Bag is an all-rounder and favourite choice when it comes to packaging options.  

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What is a Box Bottom Bag?

The Box Bottom Bag also known as the Block Bottom Bag is a quad type of bag with an independently welded bottom, which is completely square. This makes it stand better than any other bag in the market.  

Box Bottom bags can be made in a variety of materials including shiny PET (polyethene terephthalate), matte MOPP, in either natural brown kraft or white kraft, or clear amongst other.  

This means that the bag can easily be made in the right material to convey the aesthetic style of the brand and product inside.  

To preserve and protect the product the bag can come with a traditional zipper or a rip zip, with the latter being a very innovative opening and air-tight resealing option.  

Tin ties can also be added, and so can one-way valves to further extend the freshness of the product. Adding one-way vales to coffee bags is especially useful for preserving the freshness of the coffee beans. Box bottom bags can also be equipped with a slit. 

flat bottom pouch

Why the Box Bottom Bag is an All-rounder within Packaging

There are great packaging options that suits almost every product but if you are looking for a bag that covers several features then the Box Bottom Bag is an all-rounder within food packaging and non-food packaging.  

Extensive Benefits. Box Bottom bags are a quad type of bag where all four corners of the bag have been sealed similarly to the Quad Seal Bag. This together with a flat and even bottom provides the bag with great stability and the ability to stand upright.  

Being a quad type of bag, the Box Bottom bag is constructed in a way that allows for a traditional zipper or rip zip to be added for easy opening and resealing, which placed at the front of the bag, ensures your product stays fresh. 

The Box Bottom bag is constructed with gussets on the sides, allowing the panels to expand to hold more product. This further enhances the flexibility as well as reinforces the bag.  

High Quality bag. In addition, the Box Bottom Bag is made using durable barrier film this gives the bag a high resistance to pressure which decreases the chance of the bag being pierced or rupturing as well as protecting it from moisture and humidity.  

box bottom bags

Effective Brand Messaging. The side gussets adds additional branding space for logo, graphics, custom labels, information about the product and brand storytelling. This is a great place to establish a genuine connection with the customer through you branding.  

The Box Bottom Bag can also easily be made in a wider frame providing it with a higher degree of visibility like the Stand Up Pouch. This enhances the graphics and font quality. The wider frame further provides great stability making it hard to knock over.  

Box Bottom bags sets themselves apart from Side Gusset and Quad Seal bags by having a total of five panels. The bag has a front, back and two sides as well as a square bottom.  

The bottom provides an extra panel for branding and product information. This a great space for information about whether it is recyclable bags or compostable bags as well as other environmental features that would show the brands values.  

A slit can be added to the bag which is a small pocket added in under the barrier layer. In the slit there can be added a small removable card describing the product inside or for additional marketing for other products.  

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Box Bottom bags provides a unique all-around packaging option that is sure to fit the needs of any product. Here at the Bag Broker our Box Bottom Bags are designed to create the very best solution for storing and displaying your products.  

We utilise the best manufacturing processes to create a packaging bag that is welded on a flat square bottom resulting in an unparalleled display solution. This manufacturing process and design gives a packaging option that uses less space on the shelf to maximise the available shelf space compared to a similarly sized Stand Up Bag.  

They offer four flat panels on the sides for custom labels and logos. As you would expect from such unique bags, they are visually separated in design from other bags to really stand out and highlight your products. 

The Box Bottom Bag with Rip Zip comes in Natural Kraft, white Kraft, matte black and matte white, with other bags manufactured in PET to follow shortly. The bags come either with or without our one-way degassing valve, in 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes. 

We, at The Bag Broker, want to design your coffee packaging to stand out. We can help you to grow your coffee brand with our custom packaging and help you every step of the way to create an identity. Our wide range of printing styles and coffee bag choices can elevate your brand and help you to showcase your products in exactly the right style for your business.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or use our online form to get a free quotation for your packaging.